The year is 2075 in the sixth world.

The Governments of the world have fractured and balkanized, Corporations now run the show, Magic has come back in a big way and a whole new world exists entirely online n the matrix.

For you though the world is a harsh place, sex drugs and violence exist everywhere and pissing off the wrong person can have you met with a brutal violent end. You’re all in the Seattle sprawl specifically in the Redmond Barrens which means you live on the edges of society roughing it while the wage slaves and megacorp execs wine and dine in the downtown district.

Your world is dark violent and short, but you got something that will push you to rise out of the streets and become something better then before and hopefully make a lot of nuyen in the process.

Welcome to the streets chummer…Welcome to the shadows

Shadowrun: Crime and politics

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