Alright chummer welcome to the means streets of Seattle. Let me break it down kid style for you dims out there

Magic came back in December 2011 along with the dragons causing all types of scares and fighting, the nations that had kept their old folk traditions suddenly had energy to there spells and as such the governments fractured. The influx of man brought back to the world all manner of para creatures we thought just fairy tales. to humans it caused a portion of the population to change into elves and dwarves the first metatypes. Panic spread and shit got crazy for a while then goblinization happened. 2021 saw a already scared and very fucking confused world get two new races Orks and Trolls now everything went pear shaped their were metatype riots in Berlin and Japan set down its anti meta policy. it was a hard time for everyone. Most people have calmed down now though some still carry meta supremacy grudges oh and don’t visit japan if you’re a troll


Governments were reeling from the rebellion of the awakened nations and the rapid influx of new and potentially dangerous races of humanity that’s when the corporations took control.
There’s the big ten which we’ll get into later but for right now suffice to say the megacorps run the world and its all thanks to one world extraterritoriality which they got back in the 90’s. This means that each of the big’s C’s territory is there’s meaning they can do whatever they want on it like the embassies of the past but with more shady characters and bored guards.


Big Ten

To keep up the rest of us went wireless. Unless you live on the moon or something like that you know what the matrix is, 24/7 access to whatever you want if you have the right access or you take it of course. everything from food to advertisements to business is all conducted in VR space as well as AR all watched over by the Grid over watch Division (GOD).
Don’t fuck with GOD alright, or you’ll be black hammered and arrested so fast you’re head will spin. The matrix isn’t the only sick tech out there.

the Matrix

Augments or chrome in the layman is all the rage. you want a metal arm with a built in shotgun? null sweat. you want eyes that glow white and link to your gun? easy. you lose a leg in the war? I got you. I think you get the fragging picture wired reflexes and all that shit. be careful though too much chrome can make you less then human, ruins your spells and can make you go full brain blown its scary shit.


If you’re reading this though you know all that above shit and instead of playing to the mega corps tune you derided to tell them to fuck off. or maybe you didn’t and you just have no other option; or maybe you’re crazy i don’t care. All I know is people like us on the fringes in the shadows we live by our own rule. Gangers, organized criminals, hackers, soldiers con men, people off the street or whatever you are we all march to our own dissonant beat. Whatever you’re here for is your biz i’m just an old dwarf with a lot of lessons to pass down. blood bullets and secrets rule our world and we’re all hoping to make a fast buck and survive one more night in thew shadows.

Life in the Shadows

One last bit of advice chummers here’s some hard and fast rules to take with you out into the cruel world

Watch your back, watch your mate’s back, conserve your ammo and never EVER cut a deal with a dragon.



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