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Welcome to Dumpshock redmond forum and life in the shadows. if you’re here that means you either are a runner or show promise as one. If not and you got in anyways congrats you’re either hired or you’re screwed.

Before you all get crazy and think you are L33T or some shit check this intro by Data_Drift he’ll get you clued in.


This place is designed to give you information and advice for running and staying alive out their kids.
The moderators here are…


Here’s a break down of the Seattle mega city for you. in case you’re new here or are a dim bulb remember Seattle sprawl is a big damn place not to worry i’ll be here when you run scared.

-Seattle Locations

Big players you need to watch out for are :

The Yakuza who have recently moved in after trying to kill the boss of Vory v Zakone both syndicates are dangerous and should be dealt with caution, though if you’re a gaijin you’re better off dealing with the Vory, they at least treat you with respect.

The Outfit old school Mafia in the barrens. Thy have a small presence and prefer to work through intermediaries they mostly stay to the more civilized parts of town.

The Halloweeners Recently pushed out the Hellhounds off the interstate 520 and now are just causing chaos and horror and lighting shit on fire as per usual. But they’re both small fries compare to the Ancients; an elf only go gang all over the west coast

The Viceroys run the QueensBridge Projects and a 20 block radius around it making it the largest street gang in the area they recently have come into conflict with the Halloweeners over territory and dealing BTL’s

Other dangers in the shadows…

-Corporate Security

-Knight Errant

-High threat Response Teams

-Humanis policlub

-Alamo 20,000

But enough with all that doom and gloom heres some good shit to know:

Need a meeting point that’s safe and secure try here


-Dante’s inferno

-Club Penumbra

-The Banshee

-Dancing skeleton

-Ragna Rock Nightclub

See? you learn something new every day

Main Page

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