Welcome to the shadows


This is the first post and i’m going to be putting up some questions for you to answer In order to flesh out your character and where you fit in the world as to avoid the What’s in it for me question anyone who does these and brings them gets a little bit of extra (7) karma at character creation.

First some notes/ground rules:

I don’t care where your characters are from originally for some reason of your choice (with GM discretion) you are now in the Redmond district of Seattle.

We’ll be using street level play

Make a character who fits you all are criminals trying to go professional so act accordingly no Troll the bounty hunters. Furthermore your character should know at least one other character, whether its personal or professional is up to you but you will be working together.

Make sure you have some ability to hide, talk and attack. i don’t want anyone feeling left out

1) What is your character’s gender
Standard male or female? Transgender? Indeterminate? A lot of the issues surrounding gender have been dealt with by the 2070s but individuals still have prejudices and their own way of expressing themselves.

2) What is the character’s physical size?
Is he pretty standard for his gender or is he a tall, skinny dwarf or short for a troll?

3) What is the color of the character’s hair, eyes and skin?
is her coloring particularly striking, or is she so average she blends easily into crowds? Remember cyberware, surgery, and cosmetics, your character can have just about any coloring you want her to have. Remember too that most racism in the Shadowrun world is based on meta type not ethnicity.

4) What is the character’s general appearance?
First impressions matter. Is your character a slob or sharply dressed? Does he slouch? Does he like to make a splash when he enters a room. Is he handsome butt ugly or somewhere in between?

5) Where is the character born?
Was he a rich Corp brat, or did he grow up as an orphan on the street fighting for every meal? Was his childhood spent in a megasprawl or a more natural setting like the NAN lands or Tir Tairngire?

6) What is the character’s age?
A very young character will have a very different outlook than an older one; Likewise, an ork with a short lifespan will see things differently than an Elf with a long one. Does your character remember any important events of the sixth world?

7) What was the character’s family like?
A character’s childhood shapes who she is today. Did she have siblings? if she does she keep keep in touch with them? Did she know her parents? Did she grow up in a tight knit group or was she an orphan with no other family? Are there any skeletons in your family closet?

8) Has the character begun her own family
Is she married or partnered? widowed? separated? divorced? Does she have children If your character is male, does he have children he doesn’t know about? (I may use discretion here…)

9) Where or how was the character educated?
Did he get his education from the school of hard knocks? does he have an advanced degree from a respected university? Was she raised in the corporate educational system or did she learn her skills from a mentor?

10) Has the character done anything else for a living?
What did he do before he ran in the shadows? Was he a professional, a student, a ganger, a corporate cog, or something more exotic? Why did he give it up?

11) What are the characters political and religious beliefs?
The two big things you never want to discuss in public. does your character have strong political and or religious beliefs? How defining are these beliefs.

12) What is the character’s moral code?
Does the character refuse to kill? Does he have any kind of ethics? Does his morality have a large bearing or is he a amoral hedonist whose actions are dependent on the situation what (if anything) would compel him to compromise his morals.

13) Does the character have any goals?
Everybody wants something; what do you want? Money? fame? That one last big score? Security for your friends and family? What drives you and how far are you prepared to go to do that?

14) Why are you a criminal.
Pretty self explanatory did you chose this or is it the only life you know is it to thumb your nose at the Corps or to make a fast buck

15) What is your character’s personality?
Are you an introvert? Are you funny, grumpy, flirtatious, or just a weirdo? Do you have social skills or are you socially awkward? Are you opinionated aggravated easygoing or just apathetic?

16) What special qualities does your character possess?
Not everything is related to shadowrunning can you paint, can you throw a perfect spiral do you know every Urban Brawl Champion?

17) Are there certain things the character just cannot do?
Are you Terrible with money? Are you incapable of hurting women? children? are you afraid of heights or confined space?

18) What does the character hate?
Elves? Religious people? Corporations? 20 question surveys? yourself?

19) What does your character love?
This can be a person an ideal your favorite gun a location or even yourself?

20) What’s your character’s name?
What’s your birth name? do you use it or like it? Or do you prefer prefer your nickname/ Street Name? Did you pick it or was it bestowed on you?

Here are some cheat sheets if you need them:



Welcome to the shadows

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