Vory v Zakone


I’m talking about the Russian mob or Vory v Zakone. They can’t match the money and manpower of the other major syndicates, so their primary public relations tool is intimidation. Their go-to negotiation technique is blunt brutality; the first indications that the Vory has entered a new area are usually the bodies of criminals who thought it was their turf. The Vory want to shake things up; they hit every confrontation at the full charge, loud and raging. It doesn’t always work, but I’ll tell you this—no one ever likes to see these guys coming.

Andrei the terminator Petschukov is the leader of the Vory for all of Seattle but he’s retreated into his private estate outside the city after the Yak’s almost killed him and did kill his son.

The local leader is Alexi Vorney aka the butcher. He runs the Ragna Rock Nightclub night club as well

Vory v Zakone

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